Only the toughest riders that have endured through real hardships that get them to be called outlaws. As outlaws, they needed the right gear to keep them together to make them the best at everything they did. They venture the world in site of great equipment. We have created the source of the best equipment, including attire down to equipment to bring it all together. With the wide selection of vests, we introduce our next big hit, with front pockets, side laces for adjustable fitting, and front button snap closures, you will be ready for the road and it will be ready for you. A smooth polyester lining and 2 concealed gun pockets makes this comfortable leather vest official, alongside the extra strap for ammunition. Having extra pockets never felt so great, until you need them. This vest has your back. The back features a sold panel perfect for embroidering or multiple patches for you club bikers. Built for greatness, made to last, save money, get the best.

Mens Vest With Multi Pockets

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