When you are on the go, you’ve got limited room to carry. If you are going to be on a long trip, would you really want to bring multiple outfits? Reversible vests were made to fix this kind of problem and at Dream Apparel, we have created perfection. A body made out of intensely durable textile material, encoding you in clothes you’d enjoy. Made to be reversible, stylish on one side and slick on the other. Always having the chance to change from a solid black side to an orange side with black trimmings. All 6 of the front pockets keep the attention away from the lower back pocket that stays hidden. The orange safety reflective piping on the front scales to the top to the mid back for the most visibility. To give you the most comfort, we’ve added padding to your extended lower back. You fit right in, just adjust your straps. I’ll open up the road at night for you so much more.

Mens Textile Reversible Vest

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