Live to ride and ride to live is much more than a popular slogan to you. It's an American way of life. Wear it proudly embossed on the back of your jacket with a stunning American eagle clutching a USA shield. With the full, zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, epaulets on the shoulders, a fold-down collar with button snaps, a sturdy, front zip-up closure, leather belt, side laces, and zippered cuffs a jacket by Dream Apparel means you'll never be uncomfortable again. Whether going out for an hour or riding for the weekend you'll be able to bring it with you with two waist pockets, two inside pockets, a stash pocket, and a zippered pocket on the left front. The American spirit comes alive in this amazing jacket, a jacket you'll feel just as good in as you'll be proud to wear.

Mens Retro Brown Motorcycle Jacket With Eagle

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