Painting an image: You sit down, chugging down your beer and this guy walks into the bar. All proud and confident, shouting he is from a high and mighty gang. You see the mirror in front of you and in those sobering eyes you feel the burn. The want to show your pride just as much as you feel it coursing through your blood. But you ask yourself, where I can get something that is a complete match to this rider heart. Dream Apparel has been on the job with this issue and we have created some of the best pieces of leather you can call a vest. With a mixture of style and ingenuity, the creations of our motorcycle club vests have become top of the line. With a full red lining within the enclosure of the jacket lies a gun pocket perfect for holding your best friend close to your heart. In addition to that, there is a strap under the gun to hold your clip. Made from the best leather money can buy, you find yourself in shock that it was this easy to feel complete now. The best part now is that you have the whole canvas on your back to fill with your colors. The lovely panel which is located on the back is there to help with that.

Mens Motorcycle Club Leather Vest With Red Liner & Gun Pocket

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