The rough, outlaw lord look, this vest looks alone will put anyone to rest on how serious you are of a biker. The coarse look of the black tint reflects the road underneath it. Its rugged, rocky appearance pours itself into the wearer, making it so much more real of what it means to be on the road. On the outside of its layout, there are 2 front main pockets to hold anything you need. There is enough space to fit books inside. There are 3 hidden from pockets on each side. Going into detail of the vest’s interior, it is lined with a fine fabric to make it soothing on you. In addition to the exterior pockets, there are 3 hidden pockets inside on each side as well. With its very own gun pocket, having straps to hold your gun and your clip makes carrying one around much more convenient. This is a product for the most serious of riders and others should be afraid to question how real things can be with just 1 addition to your ensemble.

Mens Leather Vest With Over 10 Pockets

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