When you ride, you are riding for someone. It could be a crew, a club, or it could just be for yourself but what do you support when you ride? You want to be the icon of what other people look up to. Dream apparel has brought out a men’s motorcycle club vest that is stealing the lime light. Made from purely top grade heavy duty soft naked cowhide, this baby has got your back with its abilities to withstand your harsher rides. With the front closing on a zipper to its polished looking collar, this just emanates with originality. Just slide your pockets into any of the multiple pockets. It could be the side pockets for convenience or check pockets that close with zippers, buttons and or Velcro. The best pockets are the ones hidden inside; 2 gun pockets with nozzle straps to keep everything in tact that close up with button snaps. To finish it off, we’ve added a high end polyester liner and side straps for the best comfort and great fit.

Mens Leather Club Vest With Gun Pocket & Hidden Pockets

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