Sometimes, the little things can make all the difference. Our beautiful black lightweight racer style textile jacket features leather patches making this a very unique look. These leather specs can be found on the trim, shoulders, elbows and the bottom back piece. The lightweight aspect is very good especially for those looking for increased maneuverability. This jacket was truly crafted with the customer in mind. Along with the lightweight factor, you are given a zipper and snap-on strap allowing for the best possible fit. At the cuff, another zipper is placed letting you find your most comfortable look. Inside, the regular and zipout lining provides comfort and gives you options. Multiple pockets are placed for storage options throughout the jacket along with many air-vents giving you a less congusted and most relaxed experience. Finally, the racer style collar is not only a cool look, it'll really allow you to stand out to the best of your ability. So bikers, this jacket is a no brainer so come get one!

Men's Black Racer Style Textile Jacket W/ Leather Patches

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