If you're looking to increase your cruising distance, then a bigger bike isn't the only thing you'll need. This 13" x 6.25" x 10" black, waterproof, saddlebag features elastic and Velcro strapping in each bag to secure your handguns, is guaranteed to hold its shape, and fits any motorcycle. Inside each bag is a nylon side pocket with an elastic band for smaller items. Everything is safe and secure by protective flaps over the openings with Velcro closures. Each bag closes by an outer flap with heavy-duty quick release clips styled to look like bright chrome roller buckles. Chrome studs run along the edge of the flaps and bag to provide a fantastic look. The bags tie together with flaps that go over the fender and tie together by nylon laces. For added support, they zip to the flaps by Velcro covered zippers and come with four tie down laces. Each bag comes with a strong removable carrying handle, heat protective sheets, and hard plastic on the sides. Order yours today as these incredible saddlebags offer an amazing value and are priced to move.

Black Concealed Carry Saddlebag with Studs

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