With a combination of style, comfort, safety and necessity, the birth of the black and red rain suit was given. Sleek designs capturing attention as you let everything slide right off of you. Ingeniously crafted with the tools of P.U. leather, giving the body a chance to breathe as you drive through the elements. Capable of getting you from point A to point B without getting yourself wet and making sure your drive is safer than ever. Infused with reflectors located on the front and back of the suit to enhance safety throughout the night drives and in love visibility situations. We always think about our customers comfort no matter what they are pursuing so we have crafted this with the best in mind. Draw strings on the waist to keep everything gathered and intact as well as draw strings on the bottom of the jacket to adjust for how snug you want to be. We have included a travel pouch so you could take it along all the time. Dream Apparel always creates the most important tools for your rides to mean that much more to you.

1 Piece Rain Suit

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