Rain suits are a must have as a biker. You do not want to be left in the rain, not being able to make it home. Here at Dream Apparel, we have set it up to make it convenient for you to be safe as much as we can. To be the king of the road, we have to give you style so that is exactly what we did; black and purple resting all over the suit to give you that sleek look. We have set a rain suit that fits in a travel pouch. Both windproof and waterproof, this can withstand the elements. To set it up to be fit we can made it gather at the waist. Protecting the zipper from opening, there is Velcro wrapping around it. Zip out lining set on the suit. If you forget to store anything, you have a pocket on your leg. Most of all, we made sure you are always safe, having reflectors on the front and the back so no matter what situation you are in, you would be visible to other people on the road.

1 Piece Rain Suit Gear

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